Workshop-Based Corporate Foresight Process: A Case Study

Corporate foresight is a value-creation tool that helps companies survive in a competitive, ever-changing business environment. Foresight can be perceived as a company’s capability to commit to continuous environmental scanning and to respond quickly to the discovered market threats and opportunities. Currently, there is scarce literature about foresight application procedures in organizations. This paper presents a single-case study, with a foresight process that was experimented in a real industrial setting. Based solely on a workshop series, this simple and straightforward process used the participants’ tacit knowledge and insights as the main data sources. The participants presented different roles and departments of the case company. As a result, two new application areas, My Data and eHealth, were found, and a message to the company’s top management was formulated. The future will show how the results will be implemented in the company and what will be their business impact.

Leila Saari , Tanja Suomalainen, Raija Kuusela (VTT), Tapio Hämeen-Anttila (Elisa): Workshop-Based Corporate Foresight Process: A Case Study