Towards Post-Agile Development Practices Through Productized Development Infrastructure

Modern software is developed to meet evolving customer needs in a timely fashion. The need for a rapid time-to-market together with changing requirements has led software intensive companies to utilize agile development, where each iteration aims at producing end-user value and change is embraced. In today’s post-agile software development world, there is a need for processes and tools that deliver new software to the end-user as fast as possible. The level of adoption of these continuous software engineering practices depends on the product, customers, and the business domain.

In this paper, we investigate the benefits gained from implementing a completely continuous delivery workflow using a domain specific productized development infrastructure through a descriptive single case study. Embracing the continuous delivery mindset throughout the development pipeline allows the case customer company to gain fast insight on new business directions and lends the services to live experimentation which in turn adds to end-user value. Up-to-date feedback cycles between all stakeholders all the way from concept design to end-users are offered.

Marko LeppänenTerhi Kilamoand Tommi Mikkonen (Tampere University of Technology): Towards Post-Agile Development Practices Through Productized Development Infrastructure

Presented at RCoSE 2015, 23.5.2015, Florence