The Theoretical Landscape of Service Design

This conference paper discusses the theoretical landscape of service design. It will illustrate how service design is situated in a discourse on design research and outline the theoretical background of this multidisciplinary approach from a constructive and generative research perspective. In this paper, the foundation for the conceptual service design framework is based on current debates in the field. Identification of the conceptual framework is based on an analysis of co-creating service design cases that were implemented at the Service Innovation Corner (SINCO) laboratory at the Faculty of Art and Design, University of Lapland. The conceptual framework presents five themes that are closely connected with service design: 1) design research, 2) value co-creation, 3) user experience, 4) learning, and 5) citizen engagement. Using the perspec-tive of service design, this paper attempts to elucidate the effects of service de-sign on development and innovation processes in private and public sectors.

Piia Rytilahti, Satu Miettinen, Hanna-Riina Vuontisjärvi (University of Lapland): The Theoretical Landscape of Service Design

Presented at HCI International 2015, 2-7 August, Los Angeles