The Linkages of Networked Business Models in KIBS Companies

The goal of this study is to examine how the business models belonging to a same network are linked together and what implications do these linkages have to the business models of each company. The data for the case study was collected via interviews in the parent company, one spin-off company and two related start-up companies. The results of the inductive and exploratory case study show the various motivations of companies in different roles in the network and their business model implications, and that the business linkages can be either monetary or personnel and expertise-related. This research creates new knowledge regarding the understanding of business model innovation in business network context.

Tommi Rissanen, Liisa-Maija Sainio (Lappeenranta University of Technology), Petri Ahokangas, Marko Juntunen (University of Oulu):  The Linkages of Networked Business Models in KIBS Companies

Proceedings of ISPIM Conferences;2014, Issue 27, p1