Stakeholder analysis in software-intensive systems development

A stakeholder analysis is commonly a part of the requirements engineering process in the development of software systems. It contributes to identifying, analysing, negotiating and validating requirements from multiple stakeholder viewpoints that do not necessary share the same views on a system under development and do not necessary express themselves using a similar language. Stakeholder analysis is often integrated into a used development method or practice and doesn’t necessarily appear as a separate process.

The increase in software size, availability and use in different appliances, however, requires more from the stakeholder analysis than has been recognized in Software Engineering literature. The increasing scale of software systems and connections to other systems increase the number of involved stakeholders complicating the stakeholder analysis. In addition, how the actual stakeholder analysis should be implemented in large scale software development and how it supports the development effort is problematic in practice.

The purpose of this thesis is to study the role and purpose of a stakeholder analysis in a large-scale software-intensive systems development. In this thesis, an empirical approach is taken to study the large-scale software-intensive systems development as phenomena in order to observe it as a whole. This approach allows this thesis to analyse the phenomena from different perspectives in order to identify and describe the nature and purpose of a stakeholder analysis in large-scale software-intensive systems development.

The contribution of this thesis is the following. First, the thesis contributes to both the practical and scientific community by describing the role of stakeholder analysis in the software-intensive systems development process. Secondly, it demonstrates how a stakeholder analysis can be implemented in a large-scale software-intensive systems development process.

Markus Kelanti (dissertation, University of Oulu): Stakeholder analysis in software-intensive systems development