Semantic UI: Automated Creation of Semantically Personalized User Interface

Information representation plays very important role for services and applications to be more attractive for end user. One design cannot fit varied preferences and be suitable for all users. User driven customization of user interface applied for particular application or service do not influence at overall satisfaction of a user and usability of other applications and services. Therefore, in the paper authors tackle challenges of UI personalization on semantic level; and present a framework for adaptive UI development, driven by personal semantic user profile and mashup of reusable adaptive visualization modules. Considering human as a powerful integrated part of IoT environment, UI adaptation and personalization framework has been extended with automated ontology-based UI creation (Semantic Scanner concept). Presented approach of on-the-fly semantically-driven adaptive UI creation facilitates a process of human integration into machine-oriented infrastructure.

Oleksei Khriyuenko (University of Jyväskylä): Semantic UI: Automated Creation of Semantically Personalized User Interface