Rapid design using web based UI design tools : Case: Contriboard

The thesis is assigned by JAMK University of Applied Sciences and Digile Need for Speed Program (N4S). N4S Program acts as an accelerator for a new ways of working from Agile and Lean development to Real-time Delivery. The program focuses on research in three areas: real time value delivery, deep customer insight and mercury business – finding the new money. The purpose of the thesis was to research web based UI design tools and the effect of tools being part of the software development process. One of the main research questions was to discover if UI design tools speed the development process when used in designing.

The research of web based UI design tools was conducted by evaluating and selecting the most suitable ones to support the development process of a product called Contriboard. Contriboard is a brainstorming and collaboration tool and reference product for Need for Speed Program developed by N4S@JAMK team. The evaluation was executed by tripartite testing of UI design tools. The first part included testing of larger amount of tools with the help of three summer trainees. The results were gathered using a web-inquiry created by the author of the thesis. The inquiry results helped in choosing tools for closer testing. The second part of testing was implemented by testing functionalities required in rapid designing. Finally, the selection of most suitable tools for designing of Contriboard was tested in the design process.

The testing tools in action indicated that UI design tools not just enabled faster designing but increased the communication between stakeholders as well. Understanding of the right kind of design methods and using the right kind of UI design tools present an advantage for speeding design process.

Heli Sutinen: (JAMK): Rapid design using web based UI design tools : Case: Contriboard