Project- and product-oriented course

The current economic crisis and high unemployment rates especially among younger than 25 years old requires also re-thinking of teaching practices. Universities should produce not only professional skills, but also strong business-oriented mindset. Our graduates should be able to create new innovative products, start new enterprises and be prepared to apply all learned skills in business. This mindset can be developed using project- and product-oriented (PPO) approach in teaching, where whole course is built up as a series of projects; the course assessment is based on individual projects, which should produce a finished product with some (commercial) value. We have successfully used this approach for several years; in the presentation is described a PPO oriented game programming course.

J. Henno (Tallinn University of Technology), H. Jaakkola (Tampere University of Technology), J. Mäkelä: (University of Lapland): Project- and product-oriented course