Organizational Learning in Cloud and Lean Transformation

Today, the cloud phenomenon is challenging companies’ product and service development and also their business and revenue models. Many companies are in the middle of a fundamental change –transformation – in order to benefit from the opportunities that the cloud offers. At the same time, interest in lean thinking has grown in industries and research communities. Lean paradigm is assessed as a potential means to help companies pursue efficiency and better organizational performance.

This paper discusses cloud and lean transformation in a large Information and Communication Technology (ICT) company, which has risen to the challenge of the cloud. This paper studies how organizational learning, which is a corner stone of lean thinking, relates to an organization’s transformation. This paper proposes a revised transformation framework with the new aspect of organizational learning.

Kuusela R, (VTT) Sirkka A, (Tieto) & Kuusela-Korva T. (University of Lapland).: Organizational Learning in Cloud and Lean Transformation.

Published 31.12.2013