Mashing Up Software Management, Development and Usage Data

Modern software development approaches rely extensively on tools. Motivated by practices such as continuous integration, deployment and delivery, these tools are used in a fashion where data is automatically accumulated in different databases as a side-effect of everyday development activities. In this paper we introduce an approach for software engineering data visualization as a mashup that combines data from issue management, software development and production use. The visualization can help the development team to organize their work as it clearly shows how much work is started but not finished. Furthermore, the visualization shows how Continuous Delivery has actually been realized in the past making the comparison of current and past possible.

Anna-Liisa Mattila (Tampere University of Technology), Timo Lehtonen (Solita), Henri Terho (Tampere University of Technology), Tommi Mikkonen (Tampere University of technology) and Kari Systä (Tampere University of Technology):  Mashing Up Software Management, Development and Usage Data

Presented at RCoSE – 2nd International Workshop on Rapid Continuous Software Engineering @ ICSE 2015 Florence, 23.5.2015