Information Systems in Distributed Environment

Information Systems in Distributed Environment (ISDE) is becoming a prominent standard in this globalization era due to advancement ininformation and communication technologies. The advent of the Inter-net has supported Distributed Software Development (DSD) by intro-ducing new concepts and opportunities, resulting in benefits such asscalability, flexibility, interdependence, reduced cost, resource pools,and usage tracking. The distributed development of information sys-tems as well as their deployment and operation in distributed environ-ments impose new challenges for software organizations and can leadto business advantages. In distributedenvironments, business units col-laborate across time zones, organizational boundaries, work culturesand geographical distances, something that ultimately has led to an in-creasing diversification and growing complexity of cooperation amongunits. The real-world practice of developing, deployment and operationof information systems in globally distributed projects has beenviewedfrom various perspectives, though technical and engineering in con-junctionwith managerial and organizational viewpoints have dominat-ed the researcher’s attention so far. Successful participation indistributed environments,however, is ultimately amatterof the partic-ipants understanding and exploiting the particularities of their respective local contexts at specific points in time and exploring practicalsolutions through the local resources available.

Alok Mishra (Atilim University),  Jürgen Münch (Hochschule Reutlingen), Casper Lassenius (Aalto University), Deepti Mishra (Atilim University): Information Systems in Distributed Environment