Gamification of Software Testing – An MLR

This paper presents an initial multi-vocal literature review that extracts ideas for gamification of software testing. We surveyed the type of testing, system under test, role of individuals, gamification elements, challenges and drawbacks, support constructs and tools, and empirical evidence from academic sources and grey literature. Ideas were given to both automated unit-testing, and end-user related testing done by exploratory testers and beta testers. The most frequent gamification elements were points (13 sources), awards (4), stories (4), badges (3), rankings (3), levels (3) and time-pressure (3).

Mäntylä M.V., Smolander K.  (Lappeenranta University of Technology): Gamification of Software Testing – An MLR. In: Abrahamsson P., Jedlitschka A., Nguyen Duc A., Felderer M., Amasaki S., Mikkonen T. (eds) Product-Focused Software Process Improvement. PROFES 2016. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 10027. Springer, Cham