Experience Design in Digital Services

The aim of this article is to construct a conceptual framework for a discussion of experience design in the field of digital services. The focus is on service design and service design research with the aim of developing working tools to gain and concretize a holistic customer experience (deep customer insight) in everyday and real-time use for companies in the field of digital services.This conceptual mapping serves as a preliminary research study and development plan for the multidisciplinary research programme Need for Speed (N4S) from the perspective of the University of Lapland.

The vision of the whole Need for Speed research programme (2014–2017) is that the Finnish software industry is the recognized leader in both business innovations and fast implementation of products and services in the digital economy. From the service design and design discipline point of view, this aim is achieved by adopting real-time experiments with actual company cases through service prototyping and providing instant value delivery based upon deep customer insight and creating a holistic customer experience.

Miettinen, S., Rytilahti, P., Vuontisjärvi, H.-R., Kuure, E, Rontti, S. (University of Lapland): Experience Design in Digital Services. In Research in Economics and Business: Central and Eastern Europe (REBCEE). 2014