Empower a Team’s Product Vision with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®

This paper investigates how software development teams and their products can be influenced by the use of service design tools. More specifically, a case study incorporating LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshops was conducted in collaboration with Steeri Oy, a company that develops customer relationship software. Two workshops were held with two different software development teams, with the aim of creating a shared vision of the product within the team. The workshops provided the teams with many new insights into their product’s problems and opportunities, a common language of metaphors with which to communicate, and a holistic view of the product, including their role in the system. These LEGO SERIOUS PLAY workshops, as examples of a service design tool in use, illustrate their value in unlocking valuable insights and team potential.

Danielle Pichlis, Stefanie Hofemann, Mikko Raatikainen (Aalto University), Juha Sorvettula, Calle Stenholm (Steeri): Empower a Team’s Product Vision with LEGO Serious Play

Presented at the 16th International Conference, PROFES 2015 Bolzano, Italy, December 2–4, 2015