Eight Paths of Innovations in a Lean Startup Manner: A Case Study

Software companies face high pressure to develop innovative products and services at increasing speed. However, a traditional new product development (NPD) process is not always a sufficient means for doing this. We report experiences from an explorative multiple case study covering eight cases from four companies of different sizes and business characteristics. Each case aimed to streamline the development of a product or service innovation in a Lean startup manner as an alternative to the traditional NPD. We present eight life-cycle paths that together exemplify the use of the five organizational alternatives, such as internal startup and company subsidiary. Driving force to choose the organizational alternative is novel business endeavor rather than being depended on the company. Using even multiple organizational alternatives is possible during the innovation life-cycle as long as the speed and independence for the innovation is achieved.

Mikko Raatikainen (Aalto University), Marko Komssi, Harri Kiljander (F-Secure), Laura Hokkanen (Tampere University of Technology), Jukka Märijärvi (Landon), Omar Mohout (Sirris): Eight Paths of Innovations in a Lean Startup Manner: A Case Study