DIY video in service design and business

Sharing the authentic voice of a user, hearing a story, getting the feeling of an environment, following a specific process and journey, documenting your work and sharing it with others. These are examples of how a video can communicate. In the Humanizing Service Experiences with Design Methods (HumanSee) research project, a video is used in different roles as a research tool on storytelling media. Video has been used in several forms in individual service design and through those experiments we have seen that video has much unused potential in the service design process and in the context of businesses.

In this article, we share some of the key insights related to the use of a do-it-yourself (DIY) video in (re-)designing services and developing the businesses and internal working communities of the service provider. The subject has been researched before, but the DIY mentality, examined and communicated especially through the viewpoint of businesses and their employees, has not been explored that much in literature. Instead of going into the theories of a video, we want to share ideas for creating a video so that you can try it yourself.

Titta Jylkäs, Heikki Tikkanen, Jaana Jeminen (University of Lapland):  DIY video in service design and business