DevOps: A Definition and Perceived Adoption Impediments

As the interest in DevOps continues to grow, there is an increasing need for software organizations to understand how to adopt it successfully. This study has as objective to clarify the concept and provide insight into existing challenges of adopting DevOps. First, the existing literature is reviewed. A definition of DevOps is then formed based on the literature by breaking down the concept into its defining characteristics. We interview 13 subjects in a software company adopting DevOps and, finally, we present 11 impediments for the company’s DevOps adoption that were identified based on the interviews.

Jens Smeds , Kristian Nybom , Ivan Porres (Åbo Akademi University): DevOps: A Definition and Perceived Adoption Impediments

Presented at 16th International Conference, XP 2015, Helsinki, Finland, May 25-29, 2015, Proceedings. Published in Agile Processes, in Software Engineering, and Extreme Programming