Developing a High Capacity Network Gateway with LeSS

At the end of 2007 we started having a discussion how to build a high capacity network gateway from scratch. We faced two fundamental risks. First, the technology was completely new and has never been used before in Nokia Siemens Networks (now Nokia Networks). Second, the use cases for first commercial deployments were not completely defined at the start – It became clear that we needed to adapt feature content heavily throughout, based on learning. Using the LeSS framework appeared to be the appropriate response to these major risks.

The initial idea was to build a broadband network gateway but after few months of development we realized that there would be more market demand for a gateway for 2G/3G and long-term evolution (LTE) enabled mobile networks. Luckily we had chosen an agile development framework to develop the product and this provided us the flexibility to change the direction smoothly.

Ran Nyman (Gosei): Developing a High Capacity Network Gateway with LeSS