Data Driven Ecosystem – Perspectives and Problems

Our society and business ecosystem is becoming data driven. The value of data is becoming comparable to the value of physical products and becoming an important source of business. Open data itself is seen as a meaningful source of new business, especially for small and medium-sized companies. Open data is aimed to be public by purpose. In addition there are a lot of data that is used as it would be public – more or less without permission. In addition the ownership of data has become unclear – the data related to an individual is not anymore under management of the person himself. But declaring data sets to be open and/or allowing access to qualified users does not yet make data practically useful. Contrary, this often creates opportunities for misuse and dangers for personal security.

Hannu Jaakkola (Tampere University of Technology), Jaak Henno (Tallinn University of Technology), Jari Soini (Tampere University of Technology): Data Driven Ecosystem – Perspectives and Problems