Customer Feedback System Evolution towards semantically-enhanced systems

The digital economy requires services be created in nearly real time – while continuously listening to the customer. Managing and analysing the data collected about products and customers become very critical. Successful companies must collect data regarding customer behaviour in a sensible manner, understand their customers and engage in constant interaction with them. Nowadays, having huge data storage capacity, everyone is collecting data and hopes that it will be useful someday. But, it is frustrating when you do not know whether something useful will come out of it. It is not a problem to collect data, but it is very difficult to analyse it.

To succeed, companies should utilize the data they collect, receive and analyse customer feedback quickly. This requires automation of customer feedback processing. Using various methods and approaches, companies are trying to engage customer to the feedback provisioning process to be able to hear the real voice of a customer. Therefore, the paper reviews digitalized customer feedback strategies, highlights challenges of customer feedback gathering and further computation. As a result, paper presents an approach for semantic enhancement of a customer feedback system.

Oleksiy Khriyenko (University of Jyväskylä): Customer Feedback System. Evolution towards semantically-enhanced systems.

Presented at WEBIST 2015, 11th International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies, on the20th May, 2015 to 22nd May, 2015. Lisbon.