The Cookbook For Successful Internal Startups

Over the past several years, companies have had to change to meet the threat
of accelerating competition coming from startups and other global industry
players. Digitalization is the name of the times, and many companies are
evaluating what to do in order to stay in the game.

Our answer to this question is to use internal startups as an innovation accelerator mechanism to better select and execute the correct innovations. This mechanism brings cheaper innovation execution and faster time to market, which eventually transforms the company into a growth company.

Internal start-ups should have freedom from the rest of the organization but still
be integrated into the corporation. Freedom is needed for quick execution and
market trials, as well as for refocusing based on the feedback. Still, corporations
have many assets and competencies, which will come handy during the process.
For example, legal and pre-production services are just a call away.

Jukka Märijärvi, Laura Hokkanen, Marko Komssi, Harri Kiljander, Yueqiang Xu, Mikko Raatikainen, Pertti Seppänen, Jari Heininen, Mervi Koivulahti-Ojala, Marko Helenius & Janne Järvinen

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