Antecedents of business model scalability

Cloud technology is increasingly becoming the core of the firms’ business strategy. The rapid pace of technological development within web technologies has opened up a multiplicity of ever-changing business opportunities to be explored and exploited with various business models. In line with this, Lee & Whang (2001) discuss that e-business enabled opportunities and business models are as limitless as the imagination. However, the exploration and exploitation of these opportunities call for unheard-of business model flexibility and experimentation compared to traditional business as the web business have turned out to be extremely dynamic, specialized, unpredictable, volatile, and competitive. In these circumstances demands for the scalability of the business model have increased considerably, highlighting the role of foresight, initiative, and dynamic capabilities in the exploration and exploitation of business opportunities through business models.

Marko Juntunen, Petri Ahokangas, Hang Nguyen (University of Oulu):  Antecedents of business model scalability

Presented at the 23rd Nordic Academy of Management Conference, Copenhagen, 12th-14th August, 2015