The objective: a fast, delivery capability that creates value

The roaring success of the games company Supercell is partly a result of making use of customer feedback at all stages of game development. Medium-sized and large companies are also seeking a similar rapid product and service delivery capability, a feature of start-up businesses, by exploiting their benefits of scale. In the N4S-program, working methods that support this are being constructed.

The work package “Paradigm Change – Delivering Value in Real-Time” is led by the Head of Quality and Environment, Jari Partanen from Elektrobit (EB). The objective of the N4S-program is to build a solid foundation for the success of Finland’s software-intensive companies in the new digital economy.

“The new digital economy contains significant service and software business activity opportunities. The N4S programme is part of Finland’s ICT growth strategy and in it we are seeking to build up speed in finding new market gaps in different kinds of products and services,” says Partanen.

“This is also the objective of Elektrobit. We want to grow into new wireless application business activity areas,” adds Partanen.

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