The Need for Speed program: 100 scientific articles already published

The digital change in the economy has been rapid. Digital commodities are available to everyone immediately, at any time of the day. The Need for Speed program of Digile and Tekes has studied and developed business models, operating practices and tools for the now real-time digital economy. As part of the program, one hundred scientific articles have already been published which deal specifically with this subject.

The goal is to give businesses ways to make their operations faster with the help of research: to allow them to react faster to changes in customer needs or other market circumstances, or to significantly shorten a product’s or service’s path from idea to sales. The key is understanding customers through active dialogue and exchange of information. That is why the N4S program involves collaboration between IT companies and large industrial companies who utilize new research results.

”Companies in the program have adopted good practices from research. At the same time, a new kind of culture of collaboration has been created between businesses and universities. The dialogue is active, progressive and gives results. With the SHOK funding instrument, the program has created an experimental culture that has allowed an increase in the companies’ competitiveness,” says director Janne Järvinen of F-Secure, which is the leading company in the N4S program.

Many of the published scientific articles have been done in collaboration with companies in the N4S program. They are about user communities, constant experimentation and utilizing data received from customers in almost real time.

According to the N4S program’s academic coordinator, professor Tommi Mikkonen, close collaboration between industry and research institutions is a perfect example of the best sides of the Finnish innovation system. The culture of quick adoption has become part of companies’ operation.

”Constant integration, delivery and user analytics – all three of which are part of the everyday operation of Google, Amazon and Facebook – have found their way also into the operating practices of companies operating in Finland.”

The challenges of real-time services do not only concern small and agile gaming companies or makers of mobile applications. The change also affects traditional industry and its competitiveness.

The articles are available for reading on the N4S program’s web site:

Need for Speed (N4S) is a collaborating consortium created for building a base for the success of Finnish software companies in the new digital economy. The program is implemented by Finnish software companies, and it represents a consortium of 13 large industrial companies, 16 small and medium enterprises and 11 research institutions and universities. The four-year Digile program (2014-2017) is funded in part by Tekes.