Stairway to Heaven – A Model for Companies

These days, successful software development requires involving the clients in the design. However, this means that the management of customer feedback already has to be in order. Stairway to Heaven is a model which was created at the Universities of Malmö and Chalmers for industrial co-operation. Through the N4S programme, a similar, sufficiently long-term model will be created for the use of companies in Finland as well.

The Stairway to Heaven model describes moving from traditional software development to continuous adoption into use. The research results confirm that organisations do not adopt agile methods without careful presentation and familiarisation. An agile working culture is also not born is large product development teams, but instead they have to be made smaller. The starting point is that the team is responsible for the whole service or product. The development work also has to be focused on the features of the program, not its components. In the Stairway to Heaven model there are five stages through which a company must go through to get to its objective, i.e. quick software development that reacts to customer feedback.

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