Snapwallet: a Safe Photo Service for Smart Phone

Snapwallet is a free smart phone application that offers a safe place for storing important documents and passwords. Snapwallet has military-level information security and privacy protection.

The Snapwallet application for Android phones is based on the Secure Selfie Camera application developed by DF-Data Ltd. DF-Data is F-Secure’s separate company for test marketing. Test marketing is done in an agile fashion with a small team. A small team has more liberties than a normal product team. It could open up entirely new opportunities.

Smart phones mostly store all photos taken with them to cloud services, which isn’t always safe. Secure Selfie and Snapwallet don’t store photos in a cloud at all. The photo stays on the camera, and it may be sent to persons of your choice through a secure Bluetooth connection or NFC (Near Field Communication). The application locks the photo on the phone, making it readable only to whoever took it. Outsiders won’t be able to open the photos, because they are password-protected and because the encryption is very strong.

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