Radio Station Broadcasted By Tablet

Jutel, one of the world’s leading digital radio station system providers, has developed a fully digital, web-based public audio solution for large public spaces. The project also involves speaker manufacturer Genelec and a healthy dose of agile software development. The system is the first one of its kind in the world.

The Oulu-based Jutel is specialized in audio electronics, and has delivered digital radio broadcasting systems and broadcasting technologies everywhere in the world. They are now designing a sound solution for conference venues, the first example of which is the web-based sound control system installed in the restaurant Nallikari.

The application basically allows you to start your own TV and radio station at a conference, which allows the presentations in the conference to be broadcast to the world.

”Functionally similar sound systems do exist, but I don’t think there’s another one that is fully digital and compliant with standards,” says Jorma Kivelä, one of the two founders of Jutel.

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