Open treasure chest was created in DIMECC’s technology program: Tools and guides for real-time software business are now for public use

ICT-program DIMECC Need for Speed (N4S) collected its results from four years of work on an open website. The site offers instructions and guidelines for software intensive companies, which are companies whose business is mainly based on software, how to start new business. In N4S program 40 leading software intensive companies of Finland and research institutes tested real-time business models. N4S program helps companies to benefit from opportunities that digitalization enables, and guides what to do when digitalization is already happened. For this purpose, the freely available N4S Treasure chest was created.

Competitive software industry is based on agile and fast utilization of continuous customer feedback and data analysis. Old-fashioned and hierarchical organization structures don’t work in real-time software business. Products and services are not developed any more by one company on its own, but more and more by network of companies working together. In this co-creation network each company provides parts from its old and newly developed products creating this way a new and attractive offering for customers. Now all the results, tools, and processes developed in N4S program are open for everybody.

171 ”pieces of golden nuggets”

N4S Treasure Chest includes 171 nuggets that are guides, research results and tools, that help company to quickly launch products, get more out of its customer relations, and make fast product test before entering the market. The Treasure Chest holds practical instructions how companies can continuously recognize new market opportunities and how to benefit from them. The Treasure Chest guides how company can in practice change into more agile and less bureaucratic. This site includes advises how software intensive companies can use service design in order to move to service business. In addition to companies, the educational and research institutes can use the N4S Treasure Chest as rich and empiric research material.

DIMECC N4S Treasure Chest can be found here:

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