New Services and Products through Flexibility

Today, the success of companies requires software development to be done also in real time with the help of customer feedback. This is possible only by being flexible. The aim of the Mercury Business work package is to get companies to actively seek new ways of managing their current business operations, and to give them the ability to transform like mercury into entirely new business operations. This results in new products and services as well as start-ups that are created both inside and outside the companies. N4S-program speeds up this development by creating methods that improve the flexibility of businesses.

“We can research, experiment with, and finally discover a very capable, flexible and cost-efficient product development concept that can be constantly customized for our business activities. What is particularly interesting about the Mercury Business work package is that the entire product development apparatus is adjusted towards a business that doesn’t exist yet. This makes the work package challenging and multidisciplinary in its approach”, says Ilona Nevalainen from Ericsson.

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