Information about customer loyalty with new methods

Research group PREAGO from Aalto University and IT company Reaktor are looking for cooperation possibilities within the N4S-program for processing in-depth customer data with the help of data science and qualitative research. Aalto University has conducted research into customer behaviour related to products and usability of services for 15 years. The group has been one of the first to examine how emotions affect customer loyalty, for example. According to the research, emotions, memories and long-term user experience has a significant impact on customer loyalty, in addition to the utility and usability of the product.

The PREAGO research group at Aalto University participates in the N4S program in order to support companies in the new digital economy through the research. The University and the companies that participate in the program have several cooperation projects where value is modeled, customer feedback is collected and the companies’ practices in the software ecosystem are supported.

The aim of the cooperation with IT company Reaktor is to combine qualitative behavioural research and data science methods in collecting and processing in-depth customer data. Services based on processing and analysing large data pools have been a part of Reaktor’s supply since the start of the big data phenomenon, and currently the company has its own department for data science experts.

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