Crowdsourcing in Vaadin Framework: a Global Community Repairing and Developing Web-based Applications

Vaadin Ltd. is the trailblazer of web user interfaces for business applications. Its technology base, the Vaadin Framework, is extensively utilized in the making of rich web user interfaces. Vaadin’s technology is already being used by 100,000 software developers in over 150 countries. The company shares its core know-how with a free source-code license and sells other software and support services related to the Framework. In the N4S programme, Vaadin has effectively made use of the open source community for repairing and developing the Framework applications.

In the N4S-programme, Vaadin launched a bug-hunting project in Finland, in which the open source software community was asked to help fix Vaadin Framework’s bugs. A reward of 150 euros was paid to the finder for every found and fixed bug.

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