Cookbook for Successful Internal Startups Published

Things have been difficult for businesses in Finland and many other countries – many businesses have had to start saving, cutting costs and laying people off. It is easy to get stuck in this cost-cutting mode when you should be looking forward to the future.

Internal startups are a way of thinking forward and a solid model for renewal. The Cookbook for Successful Internal Startups was created by the industrial organisations and research partners of the Digile’s N4S-program. The Cookbook provides guidance on how to build such startups and what the common pitfalls are. The book is a combination of different writers and different corporate experiences. Finally, it gives nine recipes for establishing a startup.

Digitalization has come to stay, and many companies are evaluating what to do in order to stay in the game. According to consultant Jukka Märijärvi who worked in the N4S-program, the purpose of the book is to show that it is better to join the game and change the market than to stay passive:

“It gives a concrete model of an internal startup that leads to success.”

”The goal of the N4S-program is to find new ways to speed up and renew the modes of actions of enterprises. Our Cookbook sums up many of the core findings”, says the leader of the N4S-program, Janne Järvinen from F-Secure.

Cookbook for Successful Internal Startups is available here:

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Need for Speed (N4S) is a 3-year programme that adopts a real-time experimental business model, and provides capability for instant value delivery based upon deep customer insight. The program is executed by the forefront Finnish software companies and research organizations.


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