Collaboration within DIMECC Programs

The N4S program is making use of results gained from existing and previous DIMECC programs.

The program extends the activities of other programs as well. In particular, the following programs play an important role:

The S4Fleet initiative, exporting early results of N4S to the manufacturing context.

Cloud Software: Many of the participating organizations have already been working in the Cloud Software program. While the program terminated at the end of 2013, N4S uses the technical artifacts from the program as a starting point for cloud-related activities.

Data2Intelligence: The D2I program can provide algorithms and other tools for the N4S program.

China-Finland ICT Alliance

China-Finland ICT Alliance was initiated by Minister of Science and Technology of China, Mr. Wan Gang, and Finnish Prime Minister Mr. Matti Vanhanen. DIMECC is the Finnish coordinator of the China-Finland ICT Alliance that was launched in 2009. Its main objective is to advance an efficient and business-oriented collaboration between China and Finland in ICT and ICT enabled applications and services in society and industry. The initial joint R&D&I projects of the ICT Alliance (2009-2012) focused on network technology, wireless solution and ICT-based services.

The Phase II kick-off of the ICT Alliance took place in Shanghai in September 2013 with the core aim to move from often fragmented and isolated research activities towards systemic, integrated and multi-sectorial solutions in areas, such as digital services, next media, education technology, e-commerce, environmental sensing and monitoring, health and wellbeing, smart city, smart traffic, smart home, and 5G networks and cloud computing.

Horizon 2020

The importance of ICT as an engine for economic growth has been acknowledged by the Horizon 2020.

ICT part of Horizon 2020 lists 7 pillars: lists seven pillars: digital single market; interoperability and standards; trust and security; fast and ultra-fast internet access; research and innovation; enhancing digital literacy, skills, and inclusion; and ICT-enabled benefits for EU society. N4S will be the Finnish national effort to tackle two of those pillars, the digital single market and research and innovation.

The goal of the N4S program, to help with the creation of digital services, is fundamentally consistent with the list of actions proposed by Horizon 2020.


The organizations participating in N4S have a history of extending results from SHOK projects to European scale, in particular in the form of ITEA and Celtic projects. The same mechanisms will be used in this context, as well.

The European Institute of Technology ICT Labs

The European Institute of Technology has a similar approach to the one proposed in this SRA, and aims at consistently bringing researchers, academics, and business people together.

International networks