Big Data Knows the Customer’s Shopping Trail

Customer analytics making use of Big data can significantly increase the business operations of companies. N4S program has also launched projects for studying this topic. They create pilot models for collecting and analysing in-depth customer data.

Using Big data may become a central part of a company’s operations and it can generate new business operations. On an international level, Big data and analytics are used in banking, retail and entertainment. Also many other sectors, such as the health sector, contain vast possibilities. In Finland, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is involved in a European project that is developing tools for earlier diagnosis of memory illnesses and identifying people in the risk group. The tools being developed are based on processing background information masses from different sources, and they are used in image analysis and machine learning methods.

“Data science is a new field that is very much talked about. The basic principle is that a large number of raw data can be used to build different models with the help of IT solutions and statistical methods in order to improve products and services,” says Joonas Lyytinen from Reaktor. Lyytinen is the leader of the N4S program’s research area that aims to develop models for collecting and analysing in-depth customer data.

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