17 pieces of open source software published in the N4S program

As the design cycles in the software industry get faster, streamlined and agile methods have proven successful. The premise of the N4S program is that the agility of large projects can and should also be increased. In joint projects, it is essential that all results are shared as transparently as possible. Participating organizations develop products, services or their operations together within a given framework and following a practice collectively agreed upon. This so-called sprint ends with a result evaluation event, where the next software version is introduced, for example. By September 2015, 17 pieces of open source software have been published in the N4S program.

“Although the research program produces many scientific publications, the open source software developed now are the most essential result of jointly funded software research. Software published through the N4S program allow the implementation of the results of the software in both the participating and the following companies. It is also possible to build entirely new business around the software,” says the N4S program’s academic coordinator Tommi Mikkonen from the Tampere University of Technology.

The software can be used in the user community’s further development work. F-Secure’s location service Lokki, for example, is being further developed by the Software Factory of the University of Helsinki. The Lokki location service shares information within a chosen group about the current location of each of its members. The service is based on voluntary sharing of data and it helps families and groups by identifying and sharing the pre-marked locations of group members, or by notifying about a member’s new location, if needed. F-Secure submitted the free source code to interested developer communities. “Lokki”, a joint project of F-Secure and the Software Factory of the University of Helsinki, is one of the Open Source projects in the Open Academy program of an international university network.

Contriboard by the JAMK University of Applied Sciences is a development tool where the working platform is a virtual board with idea tags placed on it. A virtual board created in the Contriboard service can be shared in real time between members of a team, for example, after which all members can freely toss up ideas in the form of tags.

The software company Vaadin, which is part of the N4S program, has developed a user community that includes over 2,000 Vaadin projects, and the number is constantly growing. The Viritin CDN tool allows an application developer to use all Vaadin add-ons from a cloud service pre-compiled, which saves considerable amounts of the developer’s time. Viritin will fetch the pre-compiled widgets from the cloud according to the application developer’s wishes. From the cloud, Viritin picks the most suitable and optimized collection based on the user’s add-ons. This metamodel tool by Solita helps understand flow of information in a database. The metamodel tool can be immediately utilized in the analysis of the client’s production data and it helps understand the flow of information.

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Need for Speed (N4S) is a collaborating consortium created for building a base for the success of Finnish software companies in the new digital economy. The program is implemented by Finnish software companies, and it represents a consortium of 13 large industrial companies, 16 small and medium enterprises and 11 research institutions and universities. The four-year Digile program (2014-2017) is funded in part by Tekes.