Customer and employee on a shared journey – Case Lapland Hotels, HumanSee

Lapland Hotels is the largest hotel chain in Finnish Lapland with 16 locations. Lapland Hotels is one of the partner companies with University of Lapland through a Tekes- funded service design research project, Humanizing Service Experiences with Design Methods (HumanSee). The initial intent of the project was to identify the connection points between the hotel and its customers that create value for the customer and communicate the mission of being “more than a hotel”. The core participants in the project consisted of a service design team from the HumanSee project, a key contact person from Lapland Hotels and a dedicated development team from the company, which included management and staff.

The project was constructed so that the service design team would lead the process, along with the partner contact person. The development team would be involved in ideation, development and decision-making when collaborative methods were needed. The following paper will go through the key elements of the case project to explain the methods used and provide insights into how the human factors inside the company were used as part of the development of the service design.

Titta Jylkäs, Heikki Tikkanen, Jaana Jeminen (University of Lapland): Customer and employee on a shared journey – Case Lapland Hotels, HumanSee

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